Saturday, February 2, 2008


Season 1, Episode 1
Sept 19, 2005

Say whaaaaat? Today is a lesson on attire. Lesson 1: Wear a suit. This is crucial. Lesson 2: Don't have facial hair, it doesn't work with your suit. Lesson 3: Don't get tattoos. They don't work with your suit either (we will get to this at a later date).

For now, let us focus on your suit. My friend Ted realized first hand the power of the well-tailored chick-magnet this evening when a hot tamale gave him "the signal"...all thanks to his suit. You can thank me later, Ted. From now on, SUIT UP!

Lesson learned: suits save your life. True story: after trying to save a kitten from drowning in the Hudson, I found myself being overpowered by the water. This hot lifeguard started walking by. She saw me in my Armani, and next thing you know, she was giving me more than mouth to mouth. High five!

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